There are currently no vacancies.

Volunteering: There have been an incredible amount of volunteers supporting us from the very beginning – and this help has made Materialverwaltung possible in the first place. Some of them are still (or every now and then) with us. Helping hands are always welcome. We offer a fantastic space for people that have time and energy, that want try out and learn new things and support a not-profit project and its magnificent team. It’s easiest if you just come by, have a look for yourself and talk to us about everything else!

Placements: Several young people have already done internships with us, some staying for two weeks, others up to a few months. If you are interested in diving into our world of work, please send a short application to We do however have to consider each case carefully, as we are a small team with many tasks, and there are phases in which we can’t provide the mentoring a new team members naturally needs. We are unfortunately unable to pay interns.

Bis auf weiteres nur an Dienstagen und Donnerstagen auf Anmeldung besuchbar