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We’re a not-for-profit fund with a very special concept (see below).

Whether charitable, private or commercial – we’re a fund for everyone! You can drop by and poke about anytime unannounced, larger groups should notify us beforehand. We rent out everything and sell almost everything ..e.g. theatre sets, props, materials, chairs, tables and a lot more.. We calculate the fee in accordance with the purpose of the project (the more charitable the cause = the cheaper the price).
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Materialverwaltung –


Hanseatische Materialverwaltung is the focal point of materials and ideas in Hamburg. We provide cultural venues, public schools, universities, artists and associations with the props, sets, furniture and materials they need to realise their creative, social and ecological projects. We’re a pool for everybody. Whether not-profit, private or commercial – everyone is welcome.
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After every film shoot, after every event and every trade fair in Hamburg tons of valuable materials of any kind are – apart from actual rubbish – being chucked into containers on a daily basis. Everyone working in the business knows that this is a costly, environmentally harmful and a definitely absurd procedure. Because there is at the same time an urgent need for exactly those things and materials for creative projects such as theatre sets for schools, temporary architectures, material-orientated vocation promotion, scenery for artistic films or tree houses for kindergartens. HMV collects those incidental materials and objects in a central warehouse, thus creating an open fund, through which new ideas can be realised.

An example: The theatre Deutsches Schauspielhaus clears its scenery warehouse. Baroque stage elements from styrofoam have to make space for current sets. Instead of disposing everything into a skip, the theatre brings the objects to HMV, where they are presented. A school theatre group that is currently planning a Christmas piece visits the fund and can conjure up a beautiful set from the old ornamentation for little money.

A similar concept called Materials for the Arts has been very successful in New York for 40 years. We have realised this pioneering idea in the media city Hamburg and have since the opening in 2013 supported innumerable people by the implementation of their endeavours.

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Materialverwaltung – Concept

A few interesting numbers from the first years:

In the first HMV supported more than 1,600 non-profit projects with about 19,000 people involved! All discounts combined add up to a subsidy amount of more than 250,000€.

And that's not all: 

We calculated that in comparison to common waste management at least 1,000 tons of CO2 emmission could be spared. To fix this amount of CO2 in the atmosphere within ten years, one would alternatively have to plant 10 acres of forest.

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Materialverwaltung – Concept

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